How do I get a postal delivery address?
When you become a tenant you will be given a key to the postal kiosk corresponding to your suite number and may use the address immediately.  For example, if you are in suite 12 your address will be 12-835 Spokane Street, Trail BC. V1R 3W4.  Just replace 12 with your suite number.
How do I access the shared printer/copier?
Our IT person help get you setup on the network and assign you an access code. The code is used for all copies and print outs.  Each printed page incurs a $0.15 cost recovery fee that is invoiced at months end.
How much is security deposit?
Damage deposit is the equivalency of one month’s rent and is returned at the end of tenancy if there are no damages above and beyond normal wear and tear..
How do I book the Boardroom?
Just call or email our friendly staff with the date and time and they will reserve it for your meeting. Make sure you ask for the SKBC Boardroom as there are two Boardrooms in the building.
How do I book the common area?
The common area is a shared meeting space with kitchenette that can be used by any tenant at any time.  It’s great for informal meetings, lunches, breakout sessions and other uses,  but if the room is in use and you need space just call our friendly staff to reserve the Boardroom or another meeting room.
How does janitorial work?
All common areas are cleaned on weekends.  Your office is private and custodians have no access, so we ask you to place recycling and office refuse outside your office door on Fridays.
When is SKBC open?
On weekdays the main entrance automatically unlocks at 8:30am and locks at 4:30pm.   Tenants are given a private access code for access outside these hours and on weekends and statutory holidays. Every tenant has a personal key for their office door inside the facility.

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